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Chris Frantz
Co-Founder / Marketing

The Sick Day Box is a convenient way to make sure you're prepared to make it through a sick day. Keep one stashed under the bed or in a cabinet for the day you need it.

Product Overview

We've all had that moment when sickness overwhelms us and our only goal in life becomes not doing whatever is on our calendar that day. You muster up your last remaining shred of willpower and email out of work sick.

Now what? What do you eat? What do you do? Suddenly that leftover Chicken Tikka Masala in the fridge doesn't seem quite so appealing.

Sick Day Box is purpose-built to address that need. No one wants to trek to the nearest convenience store or grocery store to buy supplies when they're under the weather. We supply everything you need for comfort and care during your sick day. From chicken noodle soup and herbal teas to a digital movie rental courtesy of Amazon, we've got you covered.



Angela Sette, LGPC

I started Sick Day Box as a busy graduate student studying mental health counseling. Working at a stressful position I found myself getting sick more often than usual and wishing I was better prepared with all the comforting things that could help me feel better. I created sick day box as my ultimate survival kit to get me through sick days that hit me when I’ve been working too hard for too long.

Now that I’m a licensed counselor I appreciate the importance of self-care even more, and I hope Sick Day Box can be whatever people need it to be for them. Whether it be a bit of peace of mind stashed in a closet, a bright red reminder to take a day for yourself when you need it, or an easy way to show someone else that you care.

"I created Sick Day Box as my ultimate survival kit
to get me through sick days that hit me
when I’ve been working too hard for too long. "
- Angela Sette, LGPC

Chris Frantz
Co-Founder / Marketing

I'm the perpetually unprepared type of sick. I might notice myself getting sick then do nothing to prevent it, let alone stock up on what I need to make it through a sick day in relative comfort. Angela put together a kit that will not only help with the basics but has touches that I really appreciate, like a movie rental from Amazon that I can redeem on my laptop or Roku.

"This box makes sick days as
comfortable as they will ever get."
-Chris Frantz


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